Managing the Client Relationship

What do I get charged for? How much does consulting cost? Do I pay for email correspondence?

In a nutshell, all time is billable except for hosting and email support requests. This is also clearly stated in our terms and website pricing, where many answers can be found. If you read our mission and philosophy, you will understand that we put our “client” hat on before spending your money. The answer to many questions can be found on the pages of our website. If you look and read and the answer is still not clear for your particular situation, or if you ask without looking, then the answer is obviously important to you (just as when you think it is important to make an inquiry to your attorney or accountant). We can offer mediocre customer support and direct you to our web pages, or we can offer the kind of support we value—i.e. billable, custom-tailored answers that fit your business needs.

Realize that there are many blunders that can inadvertently be made on the internet—things you may never think of. That’s what we mean by putting on our client hat—proactively doing what we think is needed for your business. Most often this results in a thank you rather than a feeling of being overcharged.

We value ongoing client relationships—having clients trust that we will work proactively on your behalf when needed, we will formulate succinct yet thorough answers to your questions to relieve you of reading and searching, and we will charge you for the value delivered so that you will remain our client.