Technical Support

Tech Support is provided for hosting and alias/domain email. In the event of a hosting or email problem, email us (if possible) for fastest response. BUT FIRST…

  • Please be sure your question or problem is related to the hosting of your website by MadRiverWeb, or an email address containing your domain name, i.e. not or, etc.
  • If you or a customer cannot access (view) your site, please “refresh” or “reload” first. Then check to see if you can view other nearby websites (in the event that local or distant phone or DSL lines are down or busy rather than a server problem). In some cases the electronic route taken from one side to the other of the Green Mountains involves a trip through New York City as well.
  • If either of the above problems exist, email for hosting problems, or for domain email problems. Obviously if you can’t email, call.
  • If you need assistance with the content or functionality of your website or have hosting or email questions related to other service providers, this is not an emergency. Please contact us by non-techsupport email or phone.

Support Contacts

Mad River Web 802-496-4940
(cell phone number is in the voicemail message)
GMA Support 888-321-0815 (if your email provider)

  • Email is our preferred method of communication. It is cost-effective, allows efficient and defined transmittal of information and attachments, and provides a record of communications.
  • We no longer maintain a fax number due to decreasing need.

WordPress Support

WordPress updates are included in hosting. You may also do these yourself. Our concern is that plug-ins are not always updated quickly after WordPress updates, so we generally wait a couple weeks before updating. Ask us if you need help.

When the scope of a plug-in changes, we may feel the need to do testing or evaluation after update. This support will be provided at our hourly rate upon your approval or prior agreement. If updates cause presentation or functionality issues, we will use our best judgement and repair the problems on billable time.


Although we strive to deliver the utmost in service and reliability, difficulties will periodically be encountered. Industry standard service levels are quoted at 99.5% – 99.9% up-time. With 525,600 minutes in a year, 0.1% downtime equates to 8 hours, 45 minutes. Servers will go down for various reasons: power outages, reboots, parts failures, denial of service attacks… These interruptions generally are short. The typical hosting service experiences one or two major events (several hours) and three to five minor events (minutes) per year.