Internet Consulting / Website Development

Mad River Web provides website development, design, hosting, optimization and promotion. Review client websites related to all aspects of our service.

Consulting, design, development, domain email, maintenance, optimization,  $80 per hour
Programming, scripting, database integration,  $120 per hour

Development cost is affected by:

  • size of site
  • graphic and branding creativity and complexity
  • graphics created and photos taken vs. provided
  • level of understanding, preparedness, and vision of the business owner in preparing content for the site
  • functionality needs such as on-line ordering, scripting/programming, database development, content management systems…
  • competition and market influences on optimization

Keep in mind that consulting is a cost factor and can play a vital part in the success of a site. An ongoing yearly budget for updates, site growth, training, optimization and promotional consulting is recommended, in many cases equal to 50% of the initial development budget.

Most new sites are developed on the WordPress content management system so that you are in control when we complete our work. We do encourage and ongoing working relationship to maximize the value and effectiveness of your internet presence.

Content-Focused, Ready-Graphic Website, $1000 – $2000

  • Your branding—existing logo(s)/graphics/images
  • Text and photo content provided electronically/efficiently
  • Several pages, posts, widgets to get you started
  • Appealing imagery, icons
  • Responsive layout and navigation
  • Domain purchase, site and server set-up
  • Basic industry/geographic SEO, Initial indexing

“Serious Business” Website Package, $3,000+

  • Above plus creative work, content prep, attention to accessibility
  • Information request/lead generator form(s), tools for your clients and/or employees, products/services and associated detail pages
  • Content management system setup, recommended themes and plug-ins, eCommerce, SSL, domain email, training if desired
  • Thorough SEO, marketing/promotion coaching and guidance, follow-up to search visibility

SPECIAL—New Business/New Website Presence $245

Phenomenal value!! Hosting can cost $180 per year alone. Domain name included! Don’t struggle and spend hours to do this yourself.
  • For businesses who want a website and haven’t had the time to focus on it
  • You provide whatever you have—logo, photo, marketing material—or we’ll take the photo, and pick up your materials
  • We’ll create an attractive starter page—within two weeks—and include the purchase of your domain name
  • We’ll provide hosting for up to a year or until you begin to grow your website
  • See these examples, details & instructions

Area/Resources page or section,  $640

  • Fifteen to 20 links to informative resources and industry sites (subject to area availability and quality); you supply the links or we will perform a basic search, we will polish them up with a one-line phrase or you may provide written copy to integrate the page; provides viewers with information from other sites without having to redo on your site, minimizes viewers’ searching, positions your firm as a resource of information, shows goodwill to linked businesses; this page may also link to other pages on your site providing area or industry information
  • Offered with existing website or website under development, using layout and graphics already defined

Internet Analysis and Recommendations Package,  $480 – $800

  • More than a proposal, a first year plan, with marketing and customer service recommendations, initial and ongoing cost estimates
  • Your competitors’ sites are researched to provide you with guidance on the positioning and intensity with which you should approach your internet presence
  • Industry sites are researched to inform you of the resources available and the opportunities for linking and traffic generation to your site
  • Recommendations are made on your domain name, and it may be purchased and set up if desired

Promotion, Internet and Competitor research

  • Periodic analysis of site keywords/metatags, optimization for search utilities
  • Locate information on association or industry sites to link to or utilize on your own site (with permission)
  • Locate and obtain links from important, high-traffic sites such as industry “magazines,” newspapers, chambers of commerce, industry associations, other local businesses
  • Learn how your competitors are positioning themselves on the internet
  • Review and analyze your traffic statistics and offer guidance to marketing decisions

Content Management Set-up

  • A custom admin can easily allow updates to only the material that changes frequently.
  • Converting a static site to WordPress can take 10-20 hours or more depending on the amount of content. This is also a good time to give your site a visual update.

Google Services

  • Creation of an area Google “mymap” highlighting your business location, your resources, market segments served such as condo communities, farms—see example.
  • Set up and installation of Google Analytics and/or developer account/tools
  • Set up of business Gmail

Computer Training and Set-up

  • Learn how to maximize your browsing effectiveness, search techniques, storing favorite sites
  • Attach files to emails, filter your messages into folders, set up an email database, “sign” your emails with your business logo and with marketing impact, provide links within your email messages
  • Organize, enhance and send photos, upload to photo services, utilize print and distribution resources
  • Prepare your materials for your website, make updates from your own computer

Customized Training Seminars,  $320 – $400 per contact hour

  • We’ll come to your office and train as many people as you’d like on whatever customized agenda you’d like.
  • Same rate as our other services, however, we find that the preparation of material and follow-up adds 3 to 4 hours per seminar hour. Contact us for a quote and to discuss your needs.

Domain Purchase/Renewal, $16/year

  • Our standard practice is five-year renewal. No labor charge.
  • Quarter-hour labor is charged with one year renewals.

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This page updated 12/6/17.