Client Accolades

What makes it all worth it is when clients get great results from their sites, provide great feedback, or pass along a positive email from someone who visited their site. These are some we have received.

Karen from Clearwater Sports, 10/20/17: "The site looks so nice and clean." And on 1/18/18: "I still marvel at how much nicer the website is and how much smoother the cart is to work in!"

We launched a suite of websites in Nov/Dec 2016 for Reinhardt Corp, a central New York energy company. Elizabeth Levey, President, wrote: “[The project result] … is better than I had hoped, and certainly met all of my design and functionality goals. It is so exciting to see all the ‘storefronts’ with shiny new websites. So far, the feedback has been excellent, and I think the admin is going to help us keep our websites fresh…!”

Kelly Steadman, owner of Integrated Property Services, upon viewing new website design on 11/16/16, wrote: “Ok, this is great … looks exactly how I was hoping!” And again on 12/20: “It looks perfect!  Exactly what we want!  Thank you!”

“I think the site looks and works great!” reports Doug of Doug Mosle Real Estate, 9/29/16. “I think the site is vastly improved already.”

Steve Oster of Wildfell shared comments in April 2016 from the UK photographer that he employed. “He does a lot of work for high end British sporting mags and websites, and so his opinion is well informed. ‘Just thought to drop you a line after seeing how good the new site is looking … The images fit in very well with the overall look of the site, which if I may say is very classy. Keep up the good work…!!’ I’ve had a number of people, unprompted, compliment the look of the new site.”

Paul Rea, owner of Rural Vermont Real Estate in Randolph, VT wrote on 12/15/15: “I’ve been selling property for close to 20 years and have consistently been a top producer of real estate sales in the local area. My business has increased to a new level in 2015, that quite frankly I did not think was possible … the go to web site for property searches … best visibility on internet search engines. That kind of feedback from customers and the dramatic increase in my sales are priceless to an entrepreneur.”

Ariela Berman MD wrote regarding draft layouts on 7/12/15: “…they are both so beautiful! …you’ve done an amazing job! …i like both so much!”

Carol Mikluhn, shared on 3/21/15: “…you did a wonderful job on the website. It looks nifty.”

Mallay Occhiogrosso, MD, shared on 1/11/15: “Love the general layout overall, beautiful colors and really nice format!” and upon site launch 1/30/15: “Website looks fantastic. Oh, I am so pleased! …really appreciate the beautiful site.”

Michael Regan of DeeLicious Raw shared on 11/16/14: “What you sent me to look at is amazing!!  I am going to pour a cup of coffee and go through it more closely in a few minutes but the first draft looks great!!” And on 11/17/14: “If we get this up tonight, it will be a total home run. I couldn’t be more pleased…” And on 11/21/14: “It has been great working with you.”

Floyd Scholz of the Vermont Raptor Academy shared on 11/12/14: “The new website is INCREDIBLE! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE the reworked Logo… you nailed it perfectly! The whole layout, structure and flow is so nice and user friendly.” A few days later, 11/17/14: “YEE-HAA! Thanks Darlene… I’m THRILLED!  Have already been getting great feedback! I deeply appreciate all your hard work… I really do! Thank you!!!! Floyd”

Ed Read of Mad River Garden Center and Mad River Property Management wrote on 8/20/14: “…how happy we all are with the site that you’ve created. We’ve already received some business because of it (landscaping, wedding flowers, etc.), and this is the first time that I actually feel confident giving our web address to people. You’ve done a great job for us, and we really appreciate it…”

On 6/10/14, Marilyn from Whitney Tree Service wrote, “We continue to be happy with the website.”

On 2/6/14, Dr. Randie J. Willand, O.D. wrote of the new Waterbury Eye Care Center website: “… thank you for developing my website for the business. I was looking for a preliminary website that could be enhanced over time, but still look professional in the meantime, and you accomplished just that! I appreciate the time you took to determine my personal preferences for the format, style, and even the color palette of the website. Thanks again.”

“A few people have commented on how impressive the website and business cards are.” John Chardavoyne on 11/27/13

Ruth Lacey of the Vermont Summer Festival Horse Shows shared on 8/29/13: “I really enjoyed having the admin tools available to me, and I think all in all, the first full year of having all the flexibility and power at my finger tips worked amazingly well.”

Jimmy Kohl, owner of Valley Rent-All: “You’ve been great. I’d recommend you to anyone.” 5/28/13

Susan C Siegel, landscape artist, wrote: “Thanks so much for working with me on this website. It is far superior to 99% of artist websites out there. I have learned a ton from you.” 5/10/13

“I like the look. […] I think it is eye catching.” Bernie Noe, ND, Green Mountain Natural Health, 4/11/13

“The slide show looks great…” Marcia Pierce, The Hidden Gardens Bed and Breakfast, 4/2/13

(Another) viewer of Vermont Summer Festival Horse Shows emailed on 7/31/12: “Just a note to say how much I like the new website layout! Pictures are beautiful […] very easy to find information…  I check it out everyday…” Marketing Director Ruth Lacey’s response: “I always thought that we did a good job on our content, but had been thinking of [updating] the look for a few years. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.”

Viewer of Vermont Summer Festival Horse Shows emailed on 7/10/12: “Your website is awesome – your web designer is to be complimented!”

Liz Levey of Reinhardt Home Heating, 4/13/12: “…as always you go the extra mile to make sure we are getting the most out of our websites.”

“I LOVE THE NEW WEBSITE!!!!! GREAT JOB! WOW! Love the photos, layout, etc…. I am just REALLY impressed, and wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate the work put into the website – THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS AND TIME – I can easily see it becoming a great new hub and central place for LCMHCs to communicate!” Heather Pierce, past-president Vermont Mental Health Counselors Association, 1/13/12.

“People contact me through my site noting it has been an avenue for them to get to know me. They commonly share with me ‘You sound like someone I want to work with.’ My private practice client base has consequently grown.” Amy Miller, APRN, 9/28/11, of

“The website looks great! … It’s so good to have it live…” Hannah Skalecke, co-owner of Elevation Physical Therapy, 4/7/11

“I just wanted to say how happy I am with the way that the Online app is working. I think that we have had a good amount of people use it so far.” Dan Mattice of Reinhardt Home Heating, 3/28/11

“We get many compliments on our site.” Ann Johnson of A. Johnson Co., Inc., 12/8/10

“The pictures look great!” Bob Deeb, Christmas Tree Inn, 9/16/10

“I love the olive background–bright, crisp–love what you’ve done so far; a great start, a great revision. I’ve always had it in the back of my mind to work with you. I’m so glad I contacted you. This worked out great, very happy, excited to get it live.” 7/25/10, Steven Place, Green Mountain Post & Beam; “”

“Thank you for everything. We are very happy with the whole site.” 4/27/10, Adam Whitney, Whitney Tree Service; and in a note 4/28: “Great job, we love it.”

Jerry Fuller of Paul Oil wrote on 3/19/10, “The new system works great!! No problems so far. As we tell customers calling in that our online payment system is up and going, they are very excited to know and we repeatedly hear “great, I pay all my bills on line, so next time I’ll use that.”

Dr. Frank Yeomans of the Personality Disorders Institute wrote on 10/7/09 regarding a custom admin interface, “I agree that the system is intuitive… Thanks for setting all this up – it’s a great system.”

Liz Levey of Reinhardt Home Heating, wrote on 6/15/09, “The site was received well, and we are good to move forward. … The look, feel, and navigation all feel good to people, so that says plenty about our work to date.”

Dr. Frank Yeomans of the Personality Disorders Institute wrote on 4/25/09: “Thanks for all the hard work, and persistance, on the site. […] The Europeans LOVE the new website and they’re already asking for articles they didn’t know we had published.” On 5/8, regarding some search utility research, he followed with: “You are invaluable! Thanks for bringing all this to our attention.”

Derrick Martens of Brothers Building emailed on 4/22/09: “Thanks… The site looks and works great.” And again on 5/14, “Thanks Darlene, I am so glad you are on our team. Everyone loves the site.” On 6/19, Derrick reported: “We continually get great feedback from website. In fact we looked at some land with some people who said they called us because of the website; that’s awesome!”

Ruth Lacey, Marketing Executive of the Vermont Summer Festival Horse Shows wrote on 2/5/09: “We’ve experienced a real evolution since the inception of the Vermont Summer Festival website six years ago. Our customers now look to our site for resources
to enter our event, information about the area and results, photos and news during the show. …we have the tools to continue to improve our website every year.”

Frank Yeomans, MD, PhD, wrote “THANK YOU for a wonderful site that I will be proud to show to people.” 10/28/08

Caryn Feinberg of the Vermont Mental Health Counselors Association wrote on 9/15/08, “I am getting a lot of compliments re: the site!” Heather Pierce, President, wrote on 2/5/09: “…our site visits have doubled!”

On 9/3/08, Carol Thompson, (former) Executive Director of the Mad River Path Association wrote “Fantastic, thanks so much. Our website is a million times better than it ever was!” (Note: Website changed since this note and developed now by client.)

On 7/24/08, Liz Levey of The Big Basin Band wrote: “Wow! I am thrilled. … I like the fonts, colors, …” And on 7/25: “It really looks great!”

Mary Kerr, previous editor of the Valley Reporter, wrote to Susan and Fred Spencer, owners of Mountain View Inn, “Suzy & Fred: was checking some info and found your gorgeous website—really lovely, reflects your beautiful
Inn so well—one of the best I’ve seen.” 5/31/08

Floyd Scholz, Master Carver, wrote on 4/23/08: “Tony just brought the brochures and they are SPECTACULAR! Even better than I had hoped! You did a MAGNIFICENT job and I am VERY happy… You are quite an artist!!” In a card on 5/1/08: “Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on my brochure… It is the best I’ve ever had! They were very well received at the World Show, too.”

On 10 Jan 2008, Tara Hamilton of the Green Mountain Global Forum Board wrote “…and was again impressed with how really nice the GMGF web site looks, and how well it works. Thanks for this!”

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury of the Battleground Condos Board noted on 5/30/07, “…homeowners loved the new website at the meeting this past weekend. Nice job!”

In an email 5/14/07 from Judith A. Hancox, MSW, LCSW, BCETS, regarding Shiome Therapy: “It looks beautiful, you did a great job!! … Thank you so much for your help, again, it’s wonderful! Really am amazed! Great job.” And again on 5/21, “Everything does look beautiful! I love it. Thank you!”

While finishing the last details of Johnnycake Flats, Debra Rogler wrote: “I just took a quick peak…I really love the way its coming together! It looks so clean, professional yet retains a certain charm that is important to me.” Received card 5/12/07, “…how pleased I am with the new website. In fact, the whole experience of working with you turned out to be a very good one… Thank you for all your time, energy and creativeness…”

On 2/1/07 Kristin Russo reports “[Unit owner] from #5 called me at home last night to tell me how thrilled she was with the site. It was just what she was imagining and what we had talked about.”

“I still get all sorts of comments on how wonderful the website is!!” Marcia Pierce, The Hidden Gardens Bed and Breakfast, 9/10/06

“In an email from Kristin Russo on 1/25/06, “Once again, thank you for making our website so complete. It looks great!!”

“The value of my website and the impact it has had on my business are way beyond what I would have anticipated, in both dollars and from where the leads come. I can’t imagine not having a website now. Not only does it act as a brochure, but it gives me the ability to communicate detail with people outside the geographic area.” Dave Weigand,, 12/28/05.

“Level of spam still delightfully low.” Steven Lowy, 6/2/05

Ruth Lacey, Marketing Executive of the Vermont Summer Festival Horse Shows, passed along an email from equine author Steve Price, “Congratulations and thanks for the most user-friendly website of any horse show I’ve encountered. The results are posted quickly, and the cross-referencing makes finding information a breeze and a pleasure.” Ruth’s response: “Thanks. I really appreciate that. I’m pretty proud of what we’re accomplishing with the site, and a lot of credit goes to […] Mad River Consulting.” 8/7/04

A visitor to The Hidden Gardens wrote to the owner on 3/22/04: “Love the new website – it is really creative, informative, and beautiful! It captures much more of the beauty of the gardens than the previous site.”

“…site looks excellent.” 3/9/04

“Thanks so much. I have been getting great responses to the web site from both the owners and the renters. The renters can finally have a general picture of what they are getting before they book. Thank you again,” Kristin B Russo – (former) Office Manager, The Battleground Condominiums 3/4/04

Scott Beebe of Peter’s FUNd Racer wrote on 9/19/03 of their on-line auction database management console, “I finally had a couple of minutes to play around with this and it looks awesome.  I think it’s EXACTLY what we are looking for and it seems very user friendly.” After the 2004 event, on 3/13, Scott reported that the on-line auction management generated excitement and more active bidding from event participants and a larger bidding volume.

When Ruth Lacey, Executive Director of the Vermont Summer Festival Horse Shows, saw their new site design on-line, her response was “I love it, love it, love it.” 3/9/03

Davis Weigand, Timberworks Design, Architect in South Burlington, VT, called on 9/26/02 to request additional pages be added to his website because “things are going quite well.” In a follow-up conversation on 11/12/02, he reported that it acts as a brochure, it familarizes prospects with his ability, and it gives people a starting place. During one week he had a serious inquiry every day. He has sold his largest home design nine times and it is generating opportunities for him to do custom work.

Cheryll Patti of Sportive Inc. has people calling from all over the United States to purchase ski clothing from the unique and extensive Bogner line.