New Business / New Website Presence

Starter Page on Your Own Domain — $245 SPECIAL

(For businesses who want a website and haven’t made the time to focus on it)

Please help us to pull this great value together for you economically by providing all materials together with pre-payment.

1a. You provide whatever you have—logo, photo, marketing material—or we’ll take the photo, and pick up your materials (locally).

  • We’ll take a photo of your business or you may provide
  • Provide a scannable copy of your logo or an electronic file, if any
  • Provide another piece of marketing material or advertisement with a few brief paragraphs or bullets and company contact info
  • Provide your firm’s legal name and address (for domain registration)
  • Provide your email address
  • Provide your first, second, and third choices of domain name (in the event that your preferred name is already taken)
  • Email electronic information and digital photos to us and send photo prints, CDs, and written materials by postal mail or personal delivery along with payment (pay securely by VISA or MC at right if desired)

1b. We’ll create an attractive starter page—within 2 weeks—and include the purchase of your own domain name (!!

  • Home page will include the above content and an email link forwarded to your email account
  • Domain registration of one name included—a $16.00 value (requires yearly renewal)
  • Page will be completed within a two week period

2. We’ll provide hosting with MadRiverWeb for up to a year or until you begin to grow your website.

Frequently Asked Questions include:

  • what will the second year cost?
  • what happens when I want to add a new page or more information?
  • will people find my site?

The starter page is designed to be a "business card," "post card," or "flyer" on the web—a way for people to find you and learn a summary of what you offer. Starter sites contain what is needed and may certainly be found in search utilities, however, they are not optimized to any great deal. You may renew the starter page for a second year for the same price including up to a one-hour "round" of updates. We encourage you to plan to take the next step, however. Most businesses will find it beneficial to expand their web marketing and customer service. The reality is that within 3, 6 or 9 months you will become more familiar with the internet, will see some results from your initial starter page presence, will get excited about having your business on the web, and will want to begin growing your website.

Growth of your website will involve two or three cost components. Development and initial marketing are typically one-time up-front costs. Hosting your site will continue to be a yearly fee. Realistically you will also need to maintain your site and may need to allocate additional funds towards marketing/promotion on an ongoing basis. In many cases, the client can do most of the site maintenance.

The starter package was essentially priced to allow an hour or two of development time including discussion, acquiring your materials and purchase of your domain name with hosting being discounted. Hosting an active website—more than a static business card—will use additional resources and may include more robust services including greater bandwidth, traffic measurement software, additional email options, FTP access, and MadRiverWeb marketing where possible.